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imageWelcome to the Chapter Website.

Located in Preston, Lancashire UK, the Red Rose H.O.G Chapter (7772) was established to bring men and women together with one common interest..the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Experience.

To date we have over 130 members. We have scheduled rides and events throughout the year, and would love for you to join us. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to any Buell owners who may wish to join this exciting chapter.

We are committed to riding safe and having fun.

If you would like to join our chapter, you must be a current member of H.O.G and enjoy riding your Harley with others like you. Remember, you can also join H.O.G if you are a passenger, with associate membership.

So whether you love being part of a crowd, or just riding with a few friends, whether you idea of fun is dancing 'til dawn or just riding all day (or both) - you can tailor your Chapter involvement to provide a perfect fit for your membership.

Still not sure about joining? Please accept our invitation to join us at one of our monthly social evenings or ride-outs

A Note from the Assistant Director

With a common passion you can be sure that when you overhear a conversation taking place between HOG members it does not stray far from the common denominator. The Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Its true, Harley Davidson gets in your blood, if you try to fight it the passion just gets stronger. The people, the adventures, the clothing, the way of life and of course the bike, its all around you.

At work I talk to people about Harley Davidson and what it means, the things that have happened, the things that are in the pipeline, the fun, the adventure, the planning, the rallies and of course the friendship. They listen, they don't interrupt, they are probably thinking they wish it was them. Well it's not, it's you, so don't try to contextualise, enjoy the time, enjoy the moment, as it does not last forever. Enjoy Red Rose Chapter, make friends, but most of all have fun.

Chapter Ride Outs - See Event Calendar.

Social Events - Last Wednesday of the the month, (but check event calendar).




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